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{I’m the customer in this. I’m in line for the self checkout at a popular retail chain. Two employees, one of which was monitoring the check outs, had apparently helped another customer beforehand.}

Employee #1: *decently older than employee #2, not a manager, but has more authority than #2, returning from a register* okay [employee #2’s name.] You said she was looking for [brand?]

Employee #2: *probably early twenties with colored hair and heavily drawn in eyebrows* I don’t know.

Employee #1: well, I found it. It’s apparently located in the makeup department. Do you know where that is?

{keep in mind that makeup is near the last register on the other end and close to the jewelry, clearly visible from where we’re standing.}

Employee #2: No.

Employee #1: Do you know where she went?

Employee #2: No.

Employee #1: Do you remember what she looked like?

Employee #2: *starting to look bored, shrugging* No.

Employee #1: *seems to be losing patience* but you did say she was looking for [brand] right?

Employee #2: *shrugs again* I don’t know.

{by this time, employee #1 waved her off and went to search for the customer while employee #2 leaned against the wall and stared into space instead helping the people calling her over for help.}

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