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(So I’m a cashier at a craft store where I’ve been for over two years.It’s December the store is crazy busy and like usual we are serverly undestaffed.with only 4 people total,only one a manager.I have another long shift running from customer to customer often helping two or more people at once.When I got back from lunch I got stuck ringing, three hours straight the line kept growing,I began to wonder if me and the 4 poor shmucks who got stuck working today we’re the only ones with jobs anymore.I’m already very stressed out(which I don’t handle well I’m a very blunt person and have a hard time not telling people they are acting like three year olds) when I get a special customer.

CUSTOMER:MY kids bought this last night and didn’t use my coupons I spoke to your manager and he said you could do a price adjustment.
(The manager is new and does not realize we don’t do price adjustments for the simple fact they take at least ten minuets because there’s no way to apply a coupon.you have to return,refund,and rebuy with the applied coupon.since the manager already said yes,I started to do it anyway.which took even longer than normal because she didn’t bring the item back so I had to look it up,also the coupon her kids didn’t use was a one day only coupon.)
Customer:your not going to give me my money back are you?*in a snarky you don’t know what your doing tone.
Me:Ma’am I have to give you you’re money back,I have to return and refund you’re money,then you have to rebuy the item with the discount.
Customer:oh well I’m just making sure we’re on the same page.*still you don’t know what your doing tone.
Customer:just so you know I didn’t buy this my kids did.
(Why does that matter??)(she was obviously upset I want smiling ,not talking,even though I’m not talkative anyway,not just pleased as punch to fix this for her,like it was a privilege to be her cashier)
Me:We really don’t do price adjustments-
(Just trying to explain we don’t normally do this and won’t do it again because of the inefficiency of computer system)
(Starts shaking her head disapprovingly)
Handed her her bag didn’t say another word cause the next words out of my mouth would have gotten me fired.After the fact she complained to my Manager about me,my Manager apologizes to ME,saying I should have never let her do that because we don’t have to let them do a price adjustment.

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