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Our driver is making a delivery at an apartment where the customer prefers not to give their ring number.

Driver: *calls customer to come down before leaving* “hello sir, this is /restaurant/ calling for your delivery order. I will be there in 5 minutes if you can meet me downstairs, thank you”

* driver parks car, heads over to apartment, sees a guy walking towards him that greets driver*

Driver: -greets customer, hands over food and does the transaction, leaves.-

As driver returns to restaurant, he gets a call from original customer

Customer: excuse me. I’ve been waiting for 5 minutes and you are not here yet.
Driver: didn’t your friend come down and pay?
Customer: no, the order is just for myself.
Driver: please wait a moment, I shall return in a minute.

– At this time wrong order guy gets a call from the place he ordered. I shall assume the call went along the lines of

Pizza man: hello sir, I’m downstairs with your order now
Wrong order man: &/$$:$;83$3$/8:$:! Wtf shit. –

Driver: returns to the apartment and the four man encounter happens and everything works out.

But I’m still confused as to why the guy ordered a PIZZA and approached the delivery guy with no delivery box??????

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