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(I work in the hotel department of a casino and frequently have guests who lose their key card, or it gets demagnetized. I always ask for room number, name and photo I.D to verify they are getting a key to the correct room, and that their name is on our registration information. Only when I have personally dealt with a customer or recognize them, as we have many regulars, will I allow them to not have I.D)
In this instance my supervisor is standing right next to me.
Customer: Yeah, I need a key for my room.
Me: Of course, what room is that for?
Customer: Room ###
Me: And what is your name?
(I know the 2 people currently in this room, and have chatted with them a few times this night already)
Customer: [First and Last name] of person (that I checked in.)
(Already hesitant) Me: OK. .. do you have your photo ID?
Customer: No. I left it at home.
Me: OK. . And what was YOUR name again.
(I really specify the name thing this time, just to see how he answers.)
Customer: Damn! I told you already I’m [guest’s name]
Me: Well sir, I know that isn’t true, I checked in that guest myself, and I know that you aren’t him, so unfortunately I won’t be able to give you a key. You can try calling [guest’s name] to see if they will let you in the room though.
Customer: (While storming off) Well this is just f### ing bull#### I just needed a f### ing key.

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