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(I’m a cashier at a chain store that is notorious for the customers who walk in there.)
A man comes up to my *express lane* register with three items, two of which are very heavy safes. I scan the first item and go to scan the second one when his phone rings. He asks me to wait as he talks to the caller. He’s asking for advice on which safe to get, and is on the phone for several minutes when he looks at me.
“Can I take this out of the box?”
“The safe?”
“Yes. Can I take the safe out of the box to see how heavy it is?”
I am dumbfounded, and genuinely at a loss for words. He looks at me pointedly, genuinely wondering if he can.
“No sir. You cannot take the safe out of the box in the middle of the store.”
“Oh. I don’t want it then.”
He makes me take the safe out of his cart and put it behind my register. Since I was leaving soon after, I actually had to carry it to the return area.
The safe was very heavy if you wanted to know.

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