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, | Unfiltered | July 27, 2020

So several years ago I started my job at a consignment shop. I was being trained to go through clothes and make sure they were in great shape to purchase. Well a blonde teen comes in with a bag of clothes and my trainer said for me to go ahead through them and she’ll check them. I go through and end up not purchasing anything. Everything had stains even the scarves. The girl comes up and I explain the items are nice but sadly I had to pass on everything due to spots. All the sudden she starts yelling saying she hates this store and how the clothes are great and I don’t want to buy them just because they’re not my personal style. The whole time she is yelling at me I’m pointing out the spots on all the items yet she continues to yell about how great the items are. My trainer comes up and tried to further explain and calm her down since everyone at the store was staring. The girl finally storms out and customers were apologizing for us dealing with her. My boss comes in later and my trainer and I explain what happened and our boss asked what the girls name was. We tell her and she goes on Facebook and shows us the picture of her and we agreed that was her. Turned out the girl came in for an interview said she loved our place and was sweet and they were going to hire her. Obviously that didn’t happen thank god.

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