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(Our store closes at 10pm. It is currently 9:55pm, and I have just finished helping a man find clothes for a date is he about to go on, when I hear my co-worker and another frequent customer dropping loud hints about us being about to close, as there is still a customer and her teenage son in one of the aisles. I go up to them and inform them we are getting ready to close)

Me: Excuse me, I am just letting you know, it is now 9:56 and we close in 4 minutes.

Customer: *loud, pretty sure she is high* The stores in [next town over] close at 11!

Customer’s Son: But this isn’t [Next town over].

(I walk away a little bit and work on straightening up the shelves. A couple minutes later, customer and her son still haven’t left the aisle)

Me: *loudly* Just letting everyone know, we close in 2 minutes!

(I go back to straightening up product on the shelves. I walk past the aisle where the customer is again, and am hit with the STRONG smell of weed and perfume. Check my watch and it is now 10pm)

Me: It is now 10:00, I need you to please make your way to the register to check-out.

Customer: Who is your supervisor?!

Me: The lady running the register and I are both manager-on-duty tonight.

Customer: I can’t believe this! The store in [Next town over] close at 11, and I thought the customer gets to finish their shopping!

Me: No ma’am, we have been instructed that when closing time comes, to direct customers to the registers to check-out, so we can get our closing tasks done. We close at 10pm.

(Customer goes up to the register, still complaining, while I go and turn off the automatic doors, close them, and stand there letting each person out after they have finished checking out. Customer complains to my co-worker, though I cannot hear what is being said. This is what my co-worker tells me after:)

Co-worker: She was saying how she works in store in [other town] and they don’t force the customers out like this, they just let them finish on their own. She then asked your name, and I told her your first name. Then she asked for your last name and played dumb, saying ‘I don’t know anyone’s last names here’. I mean, if you know what store you are in, knowing just the first name will be enough, no one else here has the same name as you!

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