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My fiance is the dumb customer in this story.

We were seated and the waitress took our order. He ordered seasoned mashed potatoes, but didn’t ask what they were seasoned with. They come out with chopped green parsley in them. He refuses to eat anything green.

After a few minutes, the waitress came to check on us and my fiance asked if he could switch the mashed potatoes for a baked potato. The waitress agrees, but she gives him a strange look.

I can’t resist, as turning away food because of green herbs is a pet peeve of mine, so I pipe up with “he doesn’t eat anything green.”

Without missing a beat, the waitress responds with “I understand, my five-year-old son won’t eat anything green either.” She asks what he wants on his baked potato. He tells her just cheese and butter. She leaves.

A few minutes later, she returns with three plates. One has a baked potato on it, one is filled with butter, and the other is filled with shredded cheese. My fiance is convinced this is the best service ever and leaves her a very nice tip.

I stared at my food all through dinner to keep from giggling when I looked at him because he didn’t get it. While he paid the bill, I wrote a note to our waitress telling us she had made my day and that he actually takes the time to pick cilantro out of salsa and had my apologies for him being difficult.

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