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A customer walks in with an item in her hand.
Customer: Hi, I got this headband here for my daughter and it seems to be broken now.
Me: Hmm, it isn’t familiar. Do you have your receipt or the tag?
Customer: No, but it’s definitely from your store.
Me: *attempts to look up item on company website* It isn’t online, let me call our large, high volume location. That location doesn’t have it either.

At this point the customer has to pick up a child from school so I take her name and number. After some Google work, I find that Large Department Store sells it. I call her back.
Me: Hi name, it’s name from retail store. I was unable to locate your item within my company so I checked Google. It turns out that Large Department Store carries it.
Customer: Really, are you sure?
Me: *facepalm*

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