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(I’m walking towards the backroom of the lower floor and I spot a young lady, probably a student, asking my coworker a question that I overhear before stepping into the backroom.)

Customer: “Excuse me, can you cut paper for me?”
Coworker: “No, sorry we don’t.”
Customer: “Okay, thank you.”

(As I finished with whatever I needed to do in the backroom, I step out and notice the same customer approach to me.)

Customer: “Excuse me, do you cut paper here?”
Me: “No, sorry, we don’t offer those services.”
Customer: “But you cut boards.”
Me: “Yes, because our cutter will not damage the boards. The way it functions will cause thin sheets of paper to crinkle and bend rather than cut.”
Customer: “Oh. Okay…” (Walks off.)

(After this exchange, I run up to help ring up at register and lo and behold, the same customer approaches my register a few moments later.)

Customer: (Places sheets of paper on counter) “Can I get these cut please?”
Me: “We don’t cut paper, as I said earlier.”
Customer: “The person downstairs said you did.”
(Being that me and that coworker I heard her speaking to were the only people downstairs, it didn’t make sense to me.)
Me: “I assure you that all of us can confirm that we do not cut paper.”

(Customer proceeds to scoff and roll her eyes.)
Customer: “Forget it! I’ve been here many times and you can’t even cut paper for me! Why can’t you just use scissors??”
Me: “Because it wouldn’t be as perfectly precise as the cutter and you wouldn’t be very satisfied with the quality.”

(The customer continues to scoff and storms off, leaving her sheets of paper on the counter.)

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