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i work in IT for a food company, part of my duties include giving inductions to new starters, showing them the laptop and phones and all the specific addons my company uses.
Standard practice is that we do not set up mobile phones, but we do have handholding instructions that we give to a new starter so that they can accomplish this.

me: so read the instructions and they will tell you how to setup your phone they are very easy and step by step.
New starter: i don’t have any instructions yet how do i get them
me: its ok i will email them to you. if you really do get stuck after reading the instructions, and cannot figure it out come and talk to me and i’ll help you.

several hours go by and towards the end of the day the users comes back to me.

new starter: i cannot figure this phone out at all.
me: ok, did you receive the instructions i emailed?
new starter: yeah, they came through all ok.
me: and how far did you get through them?
new starter: i haven’t yet.
me: you haven’t read them?
new starter: No.
me: what did i tell you to do when i was talking through the induction about your phone?
new starter: read the instructions
new starter: i’ll go read through them now.

i honestly don’t know what went through their head or what they thought would happen.

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