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(A close friend and I are getting a late-night snack in between studying for finals. We’ve just finished and go up to the counter to pay.)
Waitress: That’s $14.**.
Me: Is there any chance you could split it in half?
Waitress: *nods*
(She does the math on her phone and looks back at us.)
Waitress: Okay, one of you has to pay $7.** and the other has to pay $7.**.
(It wasn’t exactly even. We get our cards out and hand them to her, and she runs the first one through. As she pulls the receipt out, she suddenly slams it on the counter and yells.)
Waitress: F**K!
(My friend and are a very surprised and break out into laughter, thinking it was a joke. She turns to us with a straight face and a pen.)
Waitress: *as if nothing happened* “Sign here, please.”
(We sign and leave, practically exploding from holding in our laughter by the time we get out the door.)

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