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(I had some time to kill before, so I decided to stop for a burrito. Another woman comes in after me and this is after I have ordered. The worker is very nice and friendly and asks the woman what she would like)
Woman: I want a burrito to go and another tortilla. I want a full scoop of rice on both and split ingredients that way I only get charged for 1 burrito.
Worker: sorry ma’am, but if we do that a will have to charger you for 2 burritos because we would have to wrap both.
Woman: well this is just bad customer service! When I go to (other fast food restaurant) they do it for me! If I’m going to split it any way why can’t you do it for me!
Worker: ma’am it is corporate who has made this rule.
Women: fine than I’ll take a bowl and do it myself!!
(They finish making her one burrito and get to the register)
Worker: total is $
(She opens the burrito and splits half the ingredients into the empty tortilla. She wraps her burritos back up and pays. She leaves the restaurant grumbling under her breath.)
Me: how is that bad customer service? Its from corporate! You can’t do anything about.
Worker: I know, right. I’m calling my g.m. to inform them

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