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*I’m a customer, waiting to check out with a few items. The store is a “dollar” store, but also sells some inexpensive stuff that costs more than a dollar. The store has a clearly posted return policy: must be within 1 week, must have the original receipt, and the packaging must not be opened. The customer in front of me is trying to return something*

Customer: This isn’t the lock that I wanted. I didn’t want the kind with TWO keys.

Store owner: I’m sorry, I can’t return this. It’s not broken.

*I look at the counter and see that not only has the customer opened the COMPLETELY transparent clamshell packaging, the lock has been taken out and is in several pieces in the bag. It’s a deadbolt that requires a key to open it from both sides.*

Customer: But it’s not the kind I wanted! Look, this is the one I wanted. *friend brings up right lock package.*

Owner: I’m sorry, but it’s open and it’s not broken. I can’t take it back. Nobody would buy it.

Customer: I know it’s not broken, that’s why I’m trying to return it! Seriously? You won’t take it back because I made a mistake? What kind of service do you have here?!

Owner: I’m sorry, you can’t return it. It’s open.

Customer: You know what? FINE. But I make signs. I’m going to make a sign that tells everyone not to shop here and that you have terrible service! I’ll hire someone to stand out there! I’m in here all the time, I can’t believe you won’t return this.

Owner: You’re free to do that, but I still can’t return it.

*The customer picks up his lock angrily and leaves. I look at the price of the second lock that the friend brought up to the register. The guy was making a huge fuss and trying to threaten to run the store out of business over a cheap lock that cost less than $10.*