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, | Unfiltered | July 25, 2020

At 14 years old I had a bad reaction to a plastic bottle of the popular ‘mother’ energy drink, that’s when they first started using the plastic bottles and my first time drinking from one. This was during summer in Perth while I had to attend my uncle’s funeral so for I had to wait until I came back home to visit a doctor back then the road to Perth was at least 3 hours. the area above my lip got a rash and it irritated me so much that I had to lick it to keep it cool in the hot weather but it dried out so quickly that I would lick it every 2 seconds.

The first doctor I visited was a dark-skinned female who only talked to my mum the entire time and claimed that I should stop licking my rash and it’ll go away.

Big news it didn’t work nor were we stupid enough to believe that doctors advice, the next 2 doctors were male and said the exact same thing.

The last doctor I went to was I believe either from Asian descent or Indian however since I stepped in she did not ignore me and instead preferred talking to both of us for information considering I was too shy and intimated to talk to strangers, she gave me a prescription of steroid cream and gave me clear instruction on how to use it.

Apply everyday but only a light amount and I could give it a rest ever so often, it wasn’t immediately effective however she was the only one who actually helped me. The rash was a persistent and stubborn bastard but eventually faded away after almost a year completely ever since I started using it it no longer bothered me. Oh and by the way it took half a year to get that treatment and it was from the fourth doctor who happened to be female.

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