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(I worked for a company for six months – and hated it. It was the worst six months of my life. It gave me severe anxiety, and I while I could sleep at night, it was because I was exhausted from panicking all day. Anyway I quit, and while I am currently working three jobs, I am so much happier and much less stressed. However, about two months into one of my jobs, and six months after I’ve left the other one, I get a phone call from a very familiar phone number…)

Me (blood beginning to rise): Hello?

Caller: Hi, um…I’m looking for (name)?

(Now I’m confused. I know the name she’s looking for – it’s the name of someone I used fairly often. And yet I have no idea why my old company is calling my number! At least it’s not ABOUT me, so I can breathe a little.)

Me: Uh…you’ve got the wrong number.

Caller: Oh! Um. Are you sure?

Me: Uh, what? Yeah. This is not (name), and I have no idea why your system would send the phone to my number.

Caller: Oh…um. It just directed to this number. Okay. Sorry. (Hangs up.)

(Okay, so at one point the company had my personal number, so that I could get calls if I wasn’t in the office. About two weeks before I left I specifically asked to be removed from the queue, and I watched as it was done. How the heck did it route to my number? I’m shaking my head before returning to my desk…and lo, not five minutes later, the same call comes through again.)

Me: Still the wrong number.

Caller: Oh! Um. I have no idea why it would send it to yours…

Me (realizing she’s probably new, as she doesn’t sound confident at all, and, to be fair, I’m being pretty brusque to the poor gal): Hey, look, I used to work for (company), and I have no idea why it’s going to my phone, but you’re looking for (name), right? Try their main number.

Caller: Oh! Okay, thanks! And sorry!

Me: No worries.

(Haven’t gotten another call from them – but I’m tempted to call and ask why their numbers are directed to mine!)

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