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Our pharmacy is located across the road from the town’s main bus stop. We have one particular customer who is pretty entitled. She’s sometimes in a mobility scooter, or on crutches but she’s not really disabled. She has her medication weekly, either delivered or she picks it up herself. She calls to say she’s going to the dentist and she’ll come and pick her medication up on the way through. My pharmacist has already said we can’t come out and give her the medication on the bus. She calls again.

Customer: I’m just passing [village close by].
Me: Okay, your script is ready for you.
Customer: Can someone bring it out to me on the bus.
Me: Sorry, we’re really busy today, no one can come out. We can’t leave the shop.
Customer: Not for a second.
Me: Sorry, the shop is full.
Customer: okay, I’ll ask the bus driver.

I say okay, and goodbye and we hang up. Thirty seconds she calls back and speaks to my pharmacist again. The bus driver has told her he’s running behind and can’t get her prescription for her. I’m not surprised and go back to work.

Around three pm we get another call. It’s the customer again, and she’s on her way back from the dentist.

Customer: Can someone bring it out to me?
Me: Sorry, we’re really busy still.
Customer: Oh…*silence*. I’ll be in tomorrow then.
Me: Okay! we’ll see you tomorrow [name]!

She comes in the next day in her scooter and the rest of the staff tell me to deal with her. They’re always surprised when she doesn’t ask me any questions or only has me get her a couple of things. I think she’s finally realised I’m not the soft touch my predecessor was, and won’t bow down to her demands.

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