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Customer: *she is an elderly lady who has been looking at our humorous cards for a while now* Do you have any funny get well cards?
Me: Well, I can show you where the get well soon cards are. *show her that section* This is the selection we have here.
Customer: But no funny ones?
Me: *I’m not familiar with every single card we have of course* I’m not sure, a couple of them might be funny!
Customer: Mm, no, I can tell by looking at them that they’re not. Oh well, I’ll have a look anyway. *dismisses me with a wave of her hand*
Later on
Customer: *comes up with a chosen card. This conversation takes place with my coworker, also an elderly lady, who is standing nearby as I’m putting the transaction through* It’s a shame you don’t have a bigger selection, really. I guess it’s just going out of fashion, isn’t it, sending cards or letters or what have you. *my coworker is nodding and agreeing and I can’t get a word in to ask if she’d like a bag* You know, most young people these days don’t even bother to send a simple text to their friends on their birthdays nowadays. It’s become a really selfish world, hasn’t it?
Me: *handed her the receipt and her card without saying anything else. I was holding my tongue for fear I’d snap at her that, as a “young person” myself, I have never known anyone to not AT LEAST send a text or write a facebook post saying happy birthday, if not say something in person or give a present, and that in fact I still give AND receive birthday cards every single year.*
Coworker: Ah well. Have a nice day!
Customer: You too!
Me: *strained smile*

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