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The phone rings. I answer.
Me: Thank you for calling [pharmacy], how may I help you?
Patient: Who am I speaking to?
Me: You’re speaking to [name], one of the technicians.
Patient: [vaguely similar female name]?
Me: [name].
Patient: [vaguely similar female name]?
Me: Not quite. The Irish male name, not the English female name.
Patient: I’m not understanding.
Me: Don’t worry about it sir. How can I help you today?
Patient: You can’t. I’ll call back when I can talk to somebody with some sense in their head! *click*
Me: (putting the phone down) What the hell?
Pharmacist: What just happened?
Me: I’m not quite sure. He had trouble with my name and then accused me of having no sense in my head and hung up on me when I said not to worry about it and asked what I could do for him.

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