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I work 4 days a week at a thrift store. There is one customer, an older man, who I see almost every day. He buys a shirt or two and goes on his way. He’s generally very polite, but he sometimes makes jokes that I honestly don’t know how to respond to.

A while back, he was checking out and I asked how he was doing. He responded by saying, “Well, I’m retired and here by choice, so I’m doing better than you!” Honestly, I was a little offended at the time. He had recently spotted a mother and daughter stealing some things but didn’t tell me until they had left, so I wasn’t thrilled with him at the moment – not like that’s his job or anything, but I still wish he’d let me know sooner. Anyway, thinking back, I’m pretty sure he was just trying to make a joke with me, but he spoke oddly loudly and seemed like he was just a little too gleeful over it. He made the joke a few times after that but now he’s moved onto new (but not much better) material.

But at least he hasn’t jokingly suggested an item with blank tags must be free so I guess I’ll forgive him!

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