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I am working in a small town electronics store with a big holiday sale going on, there are displays of all kinds of electronics , and huge sales signs over the entire store, when two men walk in. They walk past our displays of toys, TVs, cell phones, headphones etc etc, and approach me at the counter.

Me: Hi there!, can I help you find something today?
Customer: Is this the post office?
Me: Uhm… No?
Customer: Do you have migratory bird licenses here?
Me: No… We’re an electronics store…
Customer: Oh! this isn’t the post office?
Me: No, we sell electronics.
Customer: Oh… wheres the post office?

I gave the men directions to the post office, which is approximately 50 meters from our building straight down the road. You can see the big sign that says CANADA POST from the front door of our store.

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