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(This is a story from my brother who is a customer in this scenario.)

After working till 2 AM at a local grocery store he went over to his favorite 24/7 fast food place to grab something to eat. He went through the drive-thru where he sat and waited for three presumably African-american ladies to order and immediately knew from the way they were acting that they would be trouble.

Skip ahead to when they are at the window waiting for food, one of them asked the man behind the window to throw away their Styrofoam cup. He apologized and explained he couldn’t take it due to policies and such. Well she didn’t like that so as soon as the guy turned away she threw it on the ground.

My brother having none of this slammed on the horn instantly getting the driver’s attention. He was giving them all the bird with both of his hands and here is what followed.

Irate Customer: “Oh fuck me? F*** me? F*** you too!” *proceeding to give him the bird as well*

She then decided to open up her door slightly and pick up the cup before unsuccessfully throwing the empty Styrofoam cup at his car. My brother slowly began to clap his hands in a sarcastic manner as the lady continued to glare at him until they got their food.

(The stupid part about this story? There was a trash can just a bit further up where they could’ve easily thrown it into from their car.)

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