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I work in customer service and I am the only one scheduled that night. We are slammed and the lines are very long. I finally get the line down to one customer who is with her husband.
Me: What can I help you with?
Customer: I want you to order this shirt for me in an extra-large.
Me: I’m sorry ma’am but I can’t do that. We don’t have anything back here that can order merchandise. There are three machines in store that can do that for you (I then tell her where they are and these machines have a sign at the top that you can see from far away that say this is where you order online products)
Customer: What do you mean? I have been standing in line this whole time and with my kids too!
Her kids have been sitting in chairs nearby playing on their phones clearly not bothered.
Me: I’m sorry but we’ve never been able to order anything from customer service. Even then, we typically can only help you through the steps since so much private information is required. When you order in store it requires your credit card information, the last four digits of your social and your home address. Our company wants to keep customers assured that no one will have access to your private information but you and that’s why we can’t do orders for you.
Customer (in a deadpan tone): Wow, such great customer service nowadays. I’m sure I’ll be back.
She walks away and I’m just glad to be rid of her. She acted so self-entitled and that the world revolved around her. I can’t even think of a single department store nearby where you can order things online from customer service. I’m sorry she had to stand in that long line, but if she would have asked anybody, they could have told her the same thing. The ironic thing was that one of the computers is right across from me and she could have read the sign from the line saying that’s where you order.

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