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(Bear in mind that the digital sign, all of which light up with BRIGHT RED lettering, outside the theater 1 has been down for repairs for almost a month. Also bear in mind that it’s almost the holidays, and that’s when all the mean stupid customers emerge from hiding. Note too that this scenario has happened no less than five times.)

Customer: Where is *movie in theater 1 name* again?

Me: (I know I told this customer not five minutes ago where to go, but I figured she might not have been listening) It’s in theater 1 m’am.

Customer: (irritably) Well it didn’t say the name outside the theater!

Me; I’m sorry that’s because the sign is down for repairs, but I assure you, *movie name* is in theater 1.

What I wanted to say: Listen honey, I’ve been here for a year. If I tell you something is in theater 1, it’s.in theater 1. I know what I’m about.

(seriously, how do you not notice the bright red glowing letters on all the other theaters? How do you not notice the wires sticking out where the sign is supposed to be? Red is the easiest color (unless your colorblind of course) for the human eye to see. It’s not rocket science.)

(I’ve just taken to telling the customers that the sign is down, since they so obviously can’t figure that out on their own, so that they stop yelling at me for sending me to the wrong theater)

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