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The store I work at will occasionally have a Super Double Coupon Week where all coupons up to $2 double. However, there is a 20 coupon limit per Store card per day. Many customers will try and get around it or they may not be aware of the rules, so I try and make them aware as soon as I see they have coupons. Also, if a customer buys too many of a particular item, or if I have to void out a certain amount of items, a manager has to come and override the transaction to tell the computer that the amount of items the customer is getting is correct.

This story takes place during my first Super Double Coupon Week. A woman came through my lane with an overflowing cart of things and a large handful of coupons. I start scanning coupons and it’s then that I remember the 20 coupon limit. She has me get a manager to void the whole transaction and start over. She stands there, slowly picking out which coupons she wants to use, and as she decides, the manager has to look through all the bags to find the items that match the coupon. Somehow, she miscounts her coupons, so we have to void the whole thing AGAIN and start all over. This time, I take all the coupons and triple count them to make sure she has 20 before I start scanning them. Needless to say, I needed an override at the end of it.

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