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Today I am working at the cash registers in my store. We take the orders and the computers send them to the kitchen to produce. Customers pick up their orders at the window into the kitchen, and usually will check over their plate there and ask the producers if something is missing. But sometimes, they come to us instead. There is no line, so I am having a conversation about processes with a new manager in training, when a woman comes around the corner with her plate. She has a soup and sandwich with a bag of chips, and I can see she looks a little confused. I rang her order in, so I speak up to help her, even though the MIT and another cashier are closer.

Me: Hi, what can I do for you?

Woman: I was looking for the silverware.

MIT: It’s over here… (He starts to lead her to where extra silverware sits by the pick-up window.)

Me: Actually, it should be under the chips. (I point to the side bag on her plate, as often times, the production leader sets whatever side directly on top of the silverware, and the customers don’t see it.)

Woman: (Looks suddenly very suspiciously at her plate. She slowly waves her hand over the bag of chips as if to say, “if you’re wrong, I’m gonna…” and then in one rapid grab she snatches the chips off her plate. There is the spoon she is seeking. She nods, and walks away without a word.)

Me: Enjoy your lunch!

MIT: Have a nice day!

Me: (turning to the MIT, and trying hard not to laugh too loud) That totally made my day. I’m going to have to put it on Not Always Right dot Com!

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