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(My supervisor gets a call that two people for a company has walked in. We always have issues with said customer and have nothing waiting for them this time. My supervisor asks me to cut lunch short to deal with them. I only get 30 minutes lunch and they come in 10 minutes into lunch.)

Me: Hi. How can I help?
Customer 1: We are looking for hinges and flush bolts.
Me: Okay. Which ones? (since hinges and flush bolts have different applications, multiples of them exist.)
Customer 1: The normal aluminium ones.
Me: Let me go have a look.

(I head to my supervisor as we never have supplied them with aluminium before. She comes with to speak to them as she doesn’t know and the regular customer from said company didn’t send them.)

Supervisor: Hi. Can I help?
Customer 1: Yes. I want 3 hinges and 2 flush bolts.
Supervisor: Which ones?
Customer 1: The normal aluminium ones.
Supervisor: Okay.

(Supervisor and myself go in the back and get said stock. Invoice and everything is ready for them to sign.)
Customer 1: Those are the wrong flush bolts.
(The two argue on who has their keys. One goes and gets a sample of the exact flush bolt they want. Luckily we had stock and had to reinvoice everything. The kicker, they wasted 50 minutes on a wrong flush bolt that was Stainless Steel and if they brought it in to begin with, it would have been easier. After reinvoice is done.)

Me: Could you just sign for me? (they sign)
Me: Thanks. Bye. Have a good day
Customer 2 under breath: Thanks for wasting our time.
Me: …..