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My husband is at work and I am waiting to pick him up so we can go to dinner. He is in a uniform with a vest and a name tag. I am wearing a cocktail dress and heels. I am early and my husband is finishing up his shift, so I decide to do some shopping in the general area of where he is still working while I wait. A woman approaches my husband just as a man, holding a shopping bag and a receipt, is about to do the same. The man waits for a second off to the side while the woman is asking her question but then spots me and comes over. I usually try to be helpful to other customers if I know where something is or who they need to talk to, but this guy starts launching into a technical question about a return. I point over to customer service but he keeps talking. I then point to my husband and direct the man to “either that gentleman over there or someone wearing a similar style vest of that color”. The man gives me a dirty look and starts to be rude but I cut him off that I am not going to listen to abuse since *I* clearly don’t work there and he’s about 2 feet away from someone who does and about 10ft away from a fully staffed service desk. I turn my back to him and he walks past both my husband AND the service desk to exit the store. I told my husband about the man and gave him a full description but to our knowledge the man never came back.

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