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, | Unfiltered | July 21, 2020

A lady walks into the bank, she takes a look at me I say she cab go in front of me. She proceeds and starts getting served via the bank teller. The bank teller asks her to remove her cap as its policy in a bank not to wear a hat. The lady starts saying nah i won’t take off my cap why should I just serve me. As I’m appalled by her behaviour standing behind her, I tell her to stop being rude and take you cap of I then point to my uniform in wearing before I start work as I am a security guard she gives me a bad look then starts getting more angry and says she leaving as she’s leaving I turn so the whole bank can hear me some people are so bloody ignorant and rude she rushes out the bank as she has been humiliated the bank teller was holding her face straight and then had a little laugh with me I was Nice to her she was very polite. Cant stand people who dont listen to instructions and rude to people who are just following the rules and laws. Hope I made her day knowing not every customer is a prick :)

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