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I’ll start by mentioning that I’m often told I look somewhat frightening to strangers as I have long blue hair, an impressive beard, and am basically built like a gorilla. When I wear my leather jacket – as I often do – people immediately assume I’m a biker.

My 12-year-old son and I are standing outside one of our local Thrift shops while I finish my cigarette and coffee before going in to shop for toys, when a disheveled man came walking through the entrance pushing a cart loaded with clothing. Since the carts aren’t allowed to leave the store, and all items are bagged after being purchased (not to mention, you have to pass through the checkouts to get to the exit, unlike the entrance) it was rather obvious he was trying to steal a large amount of product. A pair of employees are following him – one small older woman and a rather large young man.

Female Employee: Sir, you’ll have to come back inside and pay for those.
Man: No! You can’t charge me for these! It’s a sin!
Male employee grabs the cart and pulls it back through the entrance, while the attempted thief just stands and yells about sin, then tries to follow them back inside
Male employee: Sir, if you re-enter the store we are calling the police.
Man turns and leaves, then faces the store again and yells “You can’t sell things that were given away for charity! The bible says so!”

As he passes me, my son turns to me and asks “Dad, isn’t there something in the bible that says you shouldn’t steal?”
The man whips around to say something to my son, then notices me standing beside him.
He walks away quickly, muttering to himself over and over “It’s in the bible! It’s in the bible!”

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