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I’ve worked many years in retail and have experienced a lot of the usual stories. The following incident happened when I managed a busy specialty retail store in a lower socio-economic region.

One day, I was on the register when a young couple entered the store. Both were in a jovial mood but I could sense the male was enjoying himself a little more than the female.

The incident began when they approached the register to pay for their purchase and the female asked a slightly-foolish question.

Him (referring to female): “She’s really dumb ha ha ha. She lives in [Suburb A]. I come from [Suburb B] but everyone from [Suburb A] is stupid ha ha ha.”

Her (embarrassed): “Don’t say that. He doesn’t need to know where I live.”

Him (to me, while I processed the sale): “So where do you live ?”

Her (addressing male): “Don’t ask that. It’s none of your business.”

Him (again): “Where do you live, man?”

Me (answering honestly, and trying to keep a straight face): [Suburb A]

After a brief pause, the female burst out laughing, leaving the male to make an embarrassed exit.

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