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Finishes scanning well over ten items in express lane.
Me: Anything else I can do for you today?
Customer: Yeah I have this coupon for a dollar.
Hands me the coupon. It specifically says that it’s not a coupon and for the cashier to not accept it
Me: I’m sorry sir this isn’t a coupon so unfortunately I can’t take this.
Customer: what the Hell do you mean you can’t take it is got it off the box take off my coupon!
Me: Sir, I’m very sorry but it says right here in bold letters that it’s not a coupon so I can’t take it. I could get a customer service manager if you would like me to.
Customer: No, if I wasn’t in a rush I’d be making a big deal out of this. This is f**king ridiculous. Can’t take a stupid one f**king dollar coupon off what an idiot.
Finishes transaction
Me: Thank you, have a great day!
Customer: What ever dumbass.
Now a huge line because in express.

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