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It is 5:30 in the morning, and I am a customer filling up my car at a local gas station. The main colors of the station’s sign, building and employees uniforms are red and yellow; I am wearing a blue jacket and blue jeans. All of the pumps are pre-paid and self serve. There are about 12 pumps and I am the only car getting gas. I am going through the motions to start pumping and I notice a red luxury car driving slowly in between the isles. Then the woman driving the car pulls up directly behind me. I ignore her and start to clean my windows. She honks her horn. I glance up from what I am doing and the woman is staring intensely at me. I ignore her again and go back to cleaning. Then she starts to honk repeatedly. I look at her again and she has her hands in the air with her palms up.


I walk over to her car.

Me: Did you need something?

Woman: You need to stop what you are doing and begin filling my car immediately! You are making me late for work!

Me: Sorry lady, I don’t work here…

I begin to walk back to my car. The woman pulls up and almost sideswipes my car.

Woman: You will begin to fill my car immediately, I can tell you work here because you are cleaning that cars windows!

Me: Lady, this is my car.

The gas pump shuts off, so I start to wrap up my transaction. An employee steps outside from the convenience store because he can hear this woman screaming.

Woman: You are just being lazy, and you are making excuses why you shouldn’t do your job (she notices the employee). Is that the manager? I am going to have you fired!

Me: (I start laughing) My manager is about 10 miles east of here where I really work.


The woman races over to the employee and start to scream at him. He looks like he is very sorry he is involved in is now involved in this mess. I put the pump away and drive away.

Me (to myself): What a way to start the day…

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