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(Being in a very rural farming community, I occasionally get customers in VERY LOUD diesel pick up trucks at the drive-thru. I usually do my spiel then wait to see if I can hear them before I ask them to shut their truck off. Sometimes I can hear them okay, sometimes they hear my request, but the following usually happens more often than not.)

(The drive thru beeps and I give out a yelp when my headset, usually turned up to a higher volume, suddenly roars with the sound of a loud truck.)

Me: “Thank you for choosing [restaurant], order whenever you’re ready.”

Customer: *starts speaking, but I can’t understand them over their truck*

Me: (loudly, but without yelling) Can you turn your truck off please?

Customer: *more garbled sounds*

Me: (pretty much yelling) “SIR, CAN YOU PLEASE TURN YOUR TRUCK OFF?”

Customer: “Sorry, WHAT?” *garbled voice, then they pull away from the speaker, much to my relief, and reach the window.* “What were you saying? I couldn’t hear what you were saying over my truck.”

Me: “I was trying to ask you to turn your truck off because I couldn’t hear *you* over your truck.”

Customer: “Oh, sorry. I must not have been speaking loud enough. So you didn’t get my order?”

Me: *mental facepalm* “No, sir, I did not. In the future could you please turn your truck off? It’s very loud on our headsets and can really hurt our ears- and the kitchen also has an overhead speaker so they can hear your truck too.”

(Usually they apologize and look embarrassed, while sometimes they look like it never occurred to them that EVERYTHING near the speaker comes through on our end. Luckily, I usually got very understanding and polite drivers. I have had to ask people to turn music down too! Common sense, people!)

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