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This is in a small bakery in a larger chain store. A customer wants to order a cake
With an image on it. We have our own images that we offer that we have bought the licenses to, but people can bring their own pics as well if it is like their family pics or not copyright. He had a marvel character pic so I explained we could not use it, since it is copyright. He looked at me like I was an idiot and said “but it’s a free download” and I replied “yes…for your phone wallpaper. I cannot Appropriate it we could get in trouble. Since we do not own the rights.” To which he replied…”I don’t think you understand me. It’s a FREE download” so this conversation carries back and forth with him basically repeating this over and over and obviously thinking I’m stupid and don’t know what I’m doing. I am also glancing at the time and it is over a half an hour of talking. I finally suggest I get my manager and at this point he has started being very rude in tone and I’m trying not to show I’m irritated. And he agrees that would be best. So when I’m told my manager is in a meeting I call and tell her she needs to come anyway because Even though I have years of Experience sometimes a customer just won’t listen unless someone has a title. So She comes and for twenty minutes repeats what I already said before he finally relents. I go back to taking their order and he decided to pick two of the images we offer. I say they each cost the same amount. And he says no “last time I picked multiple for one price”-and I’m just thinking here we go again! I explain they each are printed on a separate piece of paper which is why they cost the same, and if he did get them all the same price last year then someone made a mistake and it is great he got a deal but this time they will be correctly priced. Once again he starts treating me very rudely and giving me bad looks. Trying to bully me into it. and before it can start over I interrupt him And say “would you like to speak to my Manager again” -and he looks taken aback and starts to say no, but I see her and just call out the question. And she replies yes, they are paid for separately. And then I looked back to him with a big smile, and he is just staring at me stunned, and I ask him which flavor he would like?

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