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I work at a large (chain) warehous type stor (that has membership). I got vet out feee samples at the store (an outside company that was only does samples at these stores). One day, while serving samples, a little boy of around 7-8 is hanging out by my table. Note that it is my company’s and the stores policy (for allergy reasons) that we cannot serve kids under 12 without a parent or guardian present. After a bit, not been no sure if he wanted a sample, I ask d him where his parents were. He pointed away somewhere and then walked off. About 15 mins later a lady (who turned out t be his grandma) inquired about the situation and then somewhat proceeded to rip me for not having customer service skills and how her grandson only wanted to look. Not because no sure what to say, I apologized. A few days later I mentioned this t my supervisors. One said that I did actually have customer service skills, and how it was a n fact my job to make sure kids under 12 did not take samples without a parent/ guardian present. We do actually have Leroy signs that say this (all kids must be accompanied by a parent/ guardian). Sheesh, said me people

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