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[My store offers credit cards. The way the card works is when you use it, you get so many rewards points per dollar amount spent. Pretty basic. One of my coworkers has told me earlier that a woman came in to buy some pants but our registers weren’t working and we couldn’t plug in her SSN to look up her store card. This woman comes back into the store and I start ringing her up. After some issues with one register, we move to the next, where the computer decides it will finally let us look up her SSN.]

Me: So the pin pad is just going to ask for your social security number and zip code in order to look up your card today.

Customer: So I can just get the points?

Me: Yup, in order to get your points today, we’ll have to look up your card since you don’t have it on you. It’s quick, though.

Customer: But if I plug my number in, it’s going to charge my card?

Me: [Slightly confused, thinking she doesn’t want to use her SSN] Yes, it’s the only way to look up your card.

Customer: Can I just get the points and not charge my card?

Me: [Not sure how to respond to that and not wanting to be condescending since she obviously doesn’t understand] Um, no, you have to use it to get points… That’s, um, that’s just how the card works. You have to charge it.

Customer: Oh, I thought I could just get the points and not charge it. Okay, nevermind then. I don’t want to do that. I’ll just charge it to a different card.

[I finish the transaction and walk away very confused because after all the trouble of looking up her card, she still didn’t understand how it worked. How could you get rewards points without using your rewards card??]

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