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, | Unfiltered | July 19, 2020

Man: “Can I be picked up by the shuttle at 8:30?”

Me: “They aren’t by appointment, but they do run at that time.”

Man: *glaring* “Yeah, well, last night they promised to send me it, and it broke! I had to take a taxi!”

Me: “Oh…I’m sorry to hear that.”

Man: “So are you SURRRE the shuttle is working now?!”

Me: “Yes, I’m sure….”

Man: *eyes wide and glaring* “OKkkkk…”

(He leaves and another customer comes up. The man from before passes by my desk over and over, openly glaring at me like it was all my fault the shuttle van broke. He only stopped when it was 8:30 and he saw that the van was indeed working–2 hours later.)

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