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I do freelance narration. Basically I am one of the voices behind audiobooks. A common request from authora is that the narrator has a specific accent.

Author: Hi I’ve listened to your recording on your profile and I lover it!

Me: Thank you. Are you looking for a narrator.

Author. I am and I was wondering if you can do a Midwestern or Nebraska accent.

Me: Well I was raised in Nebraska for most of my lifellow so I think I can. *Send random recoding of me just speaking*

Author: I asked for a Nebraska accent.

Me:Are you asking for a specific regional accent? There are several accents.

Author: Didn’t think of that. Maybe this will help. *send youtube video

I open it up and it’s Larry the cable guy.

Me: we don’t sound like that. Maybe try asking for a redneck voice.

Author: Okay great idea! Can you do an English, Scottish, and Irish accent?

Me: Is this all for one book?

Author: Yes I want a conversation to happen between several people.

Me: *yelling at the screen* Pick an accent or hire more than on narrator you cheapskate!

**Don’t be cheap**

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