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(Our store has been closed for about half an hour and we are locking up when we see a man standing at our drive thru window. I am a 6′ female and my manager is a 6’3″ male. The customer is approximately 5’6″and clearly drunk.)
Customer:*banging on the locked window*
Manager: Sir I’m sorry but we are closed.
Customer: No you aren’t! You took my order now give me my d*** food!
Manager: Sir we don’t take foot traffic through the drive thru and we are closed. I guarantee we did not take your order.
Customer: YES YOU F****** DID! *bangs on the window harder*
Manager: Sir! If you continue to hit the window I will have to call the police!
Customer: Do it you p****.
Manager: *pulls out phone and calls 911* Yes, I’m at [RESTAURANT] and we have a customer trying to break into our store. *pause* Thank you. They are on their way.
(At this point the customer stumbles over and tries to get in my manager’s face)
Customer: F****** p****! I’m going to punch you so hard-
Me: *steps between them* Hey hey hey. No.
Customer: P**** letting a girl fight for you.
Manager: the cops are on their way.
(He runs off only to come back a few times, once without his top shirt as if we wouldn’t recognized him. Finally he comes sprinting up making a header straight for the manager. I step between them and body check him. He bounces off me and runs away. The police caught him minutes later. All I could think was “what did this 5’6″ drunk guy think he could do against us? He was so much smaller and very drunk!”)

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