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I work at a well-known retail store, and am currently doing seasonal layaway. A woman comes up with her daughter and her mother, as well as a cartful of toys to put on a layaway order. I start scanning them through after getting her info for the account, when one errors out as not a high enough price. Layaway items have to be at least ten dollars each, but it can be overridden by an assistant manager if they want to do it. Note that this isn’t secret; it’s in the in-store radio commercials about layaway as well as the two small signs on the desk and the huge standee right beside it.

I tell the woman that I’d be happy to call the assistant manager to override it once I’ve scanned everything else through to see if anything else is under. Note that I don’t always offer this, but the assistant manager who’s in today is extremely nice and almost always does this for customers; it doesn’t even take long so he doesn’t mind doing it. She agrees, but as I continue scanning things through, I notice she’s grumbling and muttering to herself. She has an order of at least ten items so it does take a bit, but she’s whining about how it’s unfair and a stupid rule.

When three more items scan through as under the price and I set them aside for the assistant manager to override, she starts complaining louder, even going so far as to say that we’re being paid way too much. All the while I’m just standing there smiling as I scan, telling her every time an item gives an error that I’ll call the assistant manager. I don’t want him standing there while I scan everything since he has better things to do. The customer’s mother is standing there looking uncomfortable the entire time. When the final item scans as ineligible, the customer finally takes a turkey cooker out of the cart and says “We don’t want this if I can’t even get my kids’ toys.” Apparently the turkey cooker had been for her mother.

Again, I had said four times that I’d call the assistant manager and he’d override the toys so I could put them on. Even when he finally gets there she’s complaining about it as he puts in his info for the override.

Finally, once everything’s done, she wanders off and I turn to the mother, who’d apparently been expecting her daughter to pay for a seasonal popcorn tin since she was currently broke. I had to put the turkey cooker and the tin back. I’m still not sure what her problem was.

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