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I work in the bath fixtures department, customers come in and want to see bathtubs. All of our measurements are in inches, length by width. A common size is 60″ long.
Customer: we are interested in looking at the 5 foot tubs
Me: yes the 60″ tubs are over here
Customer: no, not 60″ we want 5 feet
me: 60″ is equal to 5 feet.

Now at this point, most customers realize their error, laugh and move on, but some never quite get it.

Customer: we would like to look at a 5 1/2″ foot tub,
Me: yes our 66″ tubs are here
customer: no not 66″ – 5 1/2 feet.
Me: they’re the same thing
Customer: oh.. so is 66″ longer than 5 feet?
Me: sigh…

I’d like to say it has only happened once, but it is almost daily.