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(I work at a bookstore that also sells little gift items like candles, mugs, & flashlights. Well today this lady was curious about one of the flashlights you can clip on your baseball cap.)

Customer: Excuse me but does this come with batteries already in it?
Me: Yes ma’am but someone probably tested it too much & now they’re dead.
Customer: Well does that mean I get a discount?
Me:… No ma’am it doesn’t work like that. I’m sorry.
Customer: Well I should get a discount cause if I bought this I’d have to get replacement batteries myself & batteries are expensive.
Me: Well I’m sorry ma’am but I still can’t give you the discount.
Customer: Alright, if I change my mind I’ll come back.
(She then bought almost $105 worth of stuff, but paying $5 for batteries is expensive.)