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(I’m on a fairly known pharmacy chain in Mexico which also has a doctor’s office attached. This particular doctor tends to have at least some patients waiting during the day because he has some fame in our town, so I sit in the waiting room. Almost immediately, the door opens and an older man and his wive are yelling at the doctor)

Man: (Irate) No! I will not tolerate that you disrespect my wife like that!

Doctor: Sir, calm down. I didn’t disrespect your wife.

Wife: Yes you did!

Doctor: No, it’s just the rules, and it says so in the waiting room: only the person getting the consultation can enter.

Man: I don’t care! You were disrespectful! How about if I disrespected you, eh? Like this? (He proceeds to take the doctor’s booklet where he writes prescriptions). Eh? How do you like that?!

(At this point, a middle-aged woman sitting next to this big and burly young man playing a portable videogame speaks up)

Woman: Sir, please, can you calm down? It’s the rules of the business.

Man: You stay out of this, b****!

(When hearing this, the young man sitting next to her stands up. While he was sitting he looked pretty calm and like he didn’t care about the world outside his game, but right now he looks downright scary)


(The man and his wife go pale and get out of there. But they still take the doctor’s booklet with them)

Woman: Wow, sorry about that.

Doctor: Well, at least there’s plenty of people here to help out in case they try to follow with their threats to sue me.

(He goes to the main desk of the pharmacy and asks for another booklet. In the meanwhile, the woman’s son has gone back to his videogame, looking just as calm as before. I didn’t expect to see such a scene when I just went to get the doc look at mysore throat!)