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(There’s a limited time offer in some of our related stores, but our store isn’t doing it. Keep in mind that it’s around closing time.)

Female Customer : “Yes, I’d like one *limited time offer*”
Me : “I’m sorry ma’am , but our store isn’t doing that , but *nearby store* is.”
Female Customer : “But that one is closed.”
Me : ” I’m sorry ma’am , but could I possibly give you *menu item*?”
Female Customer : “Um.. no i want *limited time offer*”
(This goes on for a while until my fellow coworker steps in.I also go home by bus.)
Coworker : ” *My name*, your dad is here to pick you up, ”
Me : ” Sorry ma’am, could i possibly leave you here with my coworker?”
Female Customer : *exasperated* ” Fine.”
(To my fellow coworker,I’m extremely sorry about leaving you with her!)