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(At my hotel, we’re required to wear our nametags. A trembling woman comes up to me.)

Me: “Hi! May I help you?”

Guest: “My pillows and my bed weren’t fluffy enough…. and so, it’s your fault!”

Me: “Um? I’m sorry that your pillows didn’t please you, I will tell housekeeping to uh, get you fluffier ones…”

Guest: *points at me and jabs at me with her finger* “No! Don’t try to weasel out! It’s your fault, [My Name], not anyone else’s! YOUR FAULT!”

Me: “Like I said, I will try to contact our head housekeeper, [Head Housekeeper’s Name], and she’ll fix it–”

Guest: *shaking head* “It’s not [Head Housekeeper’s Name] fault! It’s all yours, understand? ALL. YOURS!!! Not hers! You’re supposed to have given me fluffy pillows, not flat and you DIDN’T!!”

Me: “I’m not the one who put nor do I choose your beds or pillows, I’m just a clerk. If you want, you can complain to [Manager’s Name], she’s our manager, and–”

Guest: “NO! Why would I when it’s not [Manager’s Name] fault. It’s your fault, [My Name]!”

(She then wrote a nasty review on every online website about me, specifically stating my name and how rude I was for not even ‘owning’ up to my mistake and trying to weasel out of it by saying it was the manager’s fault. Sad to say, but she’s wasn’t the only one to blame me, a clerk, for things not under my control. Even sadder, my manager blamed me and didn’t believe me when I explained it. She couldn’t believe that there were actually unreasonable people like this.)