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I worked at a gas station/convenience store for quite awhile. At one point, the owners decided to retire and a corporation was taking over. In the midst of this change, there were a few functions that did not work. One of which was the use of a store card that accumulated points for a discount on gas. This woman comes in, doesn’t say a word, and slides a card through the credit/debit machine. I waited just a moment then asked, “can I help you?”
Woman: “This machine won’t take my card.”
Me: “Ok let me take a look at it. (Hands me her card). “Oh I see the problem. We’re in the process of switching owners and our system isn’t set up to take the rewards card yet. I’m sorry!”
She snatches the card out of my hand.
Woman: “But this is a (station name) card!”
Me: “Yes ma’am, but our system doesn’t have the software to be able to take it yet. I’m sorry about that.”
She then steps closer to the counter, and FLICKS me in the nose with the card while saying “Listen you little b****, this is a (station name) card and this is a (station) AND YOU WILL TAKE IT!!”
I took a step back, shaking and had had enough.
Me: “You’ve got about 5 seconds to hit that door before I knock you out.”
She called me a few more choice words and stormed out the door, slinging it open hard enough to bang into the newspaper boxes outside and cause the glass in the doors to vibrate. Luckily, the old owners were still around at that point and I didn’t get in trouble. Never did see that “lady” again!