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[I work the reception desk at a small bank. When we don’t know a customer well, we are required to see and verify a picture ID before giving out certain information or documents. I am a 22-year-old woman and I have a reputation for being invariably positive and very friendly, which unfortunately seems to translate to old men as flirting… One such man comes in to pick up checks ordered for him and his wife.]

Me: Do you have any ID on you today that I could look at?

Customer: [jokingly] What, is my face not enough?

Me: [laughs] Oh, well, I don’t believe we’ve met before, so I don’t know your face to your name yet!

Customer: [hands me his ID]

Me: [suddenly worried I’ve met him before and don’t remember] Unless we have met before! In that case —

Customer: [leans in across my desk, close to my face, and whispers] No, we haven’t met before, but that doesn’t mean you’re not damn cute!

Me: [smiles awkwardly and hands him his checks] Have a nice day, sir.