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(There’s a box of small toys, mostly in semi-see-through plastic bags (as in, I can see that there are small toys inside, but can’t easily see the quality/number/brand without taking them out of the bags), next to the counter that I’ve been sorting and pricing. I have to stop to serve a customer, when a different customer comes up and starts rooting through the box. Fair enough – usually people ask first, but honestly, we don’t mind pricing on the fly. However, in this case…)

Customer: How much is this stuff?

Me: *still counting the purchases of the other customer* It hasn’t been sorted yet, I’m not even sure what’s in there.

Customer: Well, how much is this? *holds up bag*

Me: I’m not sure, what are they?

Customer: Some kind of small toys. I have grandkids, I just want something for them to play with, how much is this stuff?

Me: I’d have to have a look at it before I could give you a price

(Keep in mind that there were quite a lot of different toys in the box, and I knew some would be worth much more than others, so I could hardly make up a price without knowing what was in the bag she was holding!)

Customer: Well, how much for the whole box?

Me: *thinks* I don’t f-ing know, I don’t even know what’s in there!

(At this point, my coworker stepped in and distracted her, so I could finally give my original (very patient and understanding) customer their change. She ended up buying the whole box of toys for £15 – I know my coworker gave that price just to get rid of her, but I wish she hadn’t, I was pretty sure I’d seen toys in there that were a really collectable brand and they might have been worth more than that. I’m sure that rude customer had seen them too, and was trying to rush me into giving her a bargain price – and sadly, it worked.)