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(I work in a small sub shop as shift leader. The store does provide delivery service, but only through two different online apps. Delivery orders cannot be placed over the phone, but pick up orders can.)
Me: Thank you for calling [Store name]. This is [My Name], how may I help you?
Customer: Do you do delivery?
Me: Yes ma’am, but only through [names of two apps].
Customer: So you don’t deliver over the phone?
Me: No ma’am. I’m sorry, but if you would like to place an order for delivery, you’ll have to use [names of the two apps].
Customer: But I’m just across the street. Why can’t you just take my order and deliver it?
Me: Because we do not have a way of accepting credit payments, and the two apps do, so all our delivery orders are placed online.
Customer: Well that’s stupid, you’re right across the street and you won’t deliver. I guess you just lost yourself a customer.
Me: I’m sorry to hear that.
Customer: Well, then goodbye. *click*